This section gives a few details on some of New Techniques projects, click on the thumbnail photos to view the slideshow.

ex Jaguar F3 Team Dallara F301 - Hillclimb Conversion

Owner: Paul Haimes

Racing Team: Paul Haimes

Honours: 2001 Hillclimb Leaders Champion, 2002 Y-Gelli Book Auctions Challenge Trophy Winner, 2002, 2004:10th Overall British Hillclimb Championship, FTD and Run-off winner - Doune 2004.

Engine build:

More details coming soon...

Wiring and fuel systems

Tom was heavily involved in the final build of the car including the wiring and fuel systems. Without the support of New Techniques the car wouldn't have been completed for the National Shelsley Walsh hillclimb in August 2005.

Honda Civic - Rally Conversion

Owner: Crowsley

Racing Team: Crowsley


Rally Conversion:

More details coming soon...

Pilbeam - 2.5 ltre Rover V6

Owner: Tom New

Racing Team: New Techniques

Honours: Leaders Hill Climb Champion 2006, Class winner Hill Climb Championship 2006, 10th place RAC British Hill Climb Championship 2006, Marshalls Man of the Year 2006

More details coming soon...

Lotus Elise S1

Owner: Sam Hibberd

Service/MOT & general maintenance

Tom has looked after my lotus for the last 2 years, i had the option of going to one of the local lotus dealears but someone recommended New Techniques because of their vast experiance dealing with high performace cars and expertise with the k series rover engine. New Techniques looks after 5-6 local lotus elises and i cant fault the service they offer, we all know how temperamental these cars can be and Tom is always at hand to help out.